Hytera Two Way Radio

Hytera Two-way radio. One of the industry’s global leaders in innovative voice and data radio communications.

The complete range of robust radio terminals, in-vehicle radio and system infrastructure to suit all budgets and industries. Hytera radio systems can be found operating in various key organisations such as education (schools, colleges & universities), manufacturing, sports and stadiums, hotels and hospitality, and healthcare to name but a few.

Hytera digital radios can operate in backwards compatibility mode to support Analogue or legacy radio systems prior to a planned migration to fully digital. This makes the Hytera two-way radio a perfect choice for your next step in embracing the future of communications today.

For advanced users, Hytera have you covered with the latest in digital technology innovation. With superior voice calls, channel privacy and a wealth of supplementary functions like the Staff Safe duress button, Lone Worker, Man Down, location services, SMS (text messaging) and telephone connectivity all have you and your valued team covered for any eventuality.

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