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A System for Heroes

Press2Talk supplied a system based on Hytera radios to provide clear, reliable communication for the team at 4×4 Assist. The radios are vital to providing an effective response when the charity is called upon to help those in need.

The Client
4x4 Assist

4×4 Assist , based in Sussex, is a registered charity whose mission is ‘To Preserve Life’. It’s a group of unpaid specialists who volunteer their time and 4×4 vehicles for medical staff transportation purposes in adverse weather, vehicle recovery, event support, emergency services assistance and help with community resilience projects.

The Challenge

4×4 Assist approached Press2Talk for guidance in specifying a new two-way radio system, which is a crucial tool in coordinating members when they attend an incident or event. Clarity of communication is critical, as is security from listening in and from interference.

Handsets must be robust, due to the conditions they are likely to be used in, and simple to use, requiring minimal training for occasional users. The system must work with members’ own radios, which are a mix of analogue and digital. Finally, as 4×4 Assist Sussex is a charity value for money is a consideration.

When you’re managing an event without reliable communication you’re lost.

David Marden, Trustee, 4×4 Assist 
The System

For team coordinators Press2Talk specified the Hytera PD985 handsets. These offer Hytera’s advanced noise cancelling technology, which allows users to hear and speak clearly even in the loudest environments. They also offer call recording to mitigate against potentially missed voice calls or to quickly review important voice announcements and single frequency repeater mode that enables the radio to be used as a repeater to extend the coverage of the system, which could prove invaluable for some incidents. Caller ID on the PD985 enables coordinators to communicate sensitive information to individual members when necessary.
Press2Talk recommended the high tier Hytera MD785 for 4×4 Assist Sussex’s command trailer, which is used as a mobile control centre. The MD785 works in both analogue and digital keeping the system available to legacy users.
Finally, Press2Talk proposed Hytera PD705 handsets, which Hytera describe as ‘ideal to grab and go’, so perfect for members using them occasionally.
By utilising the 7 and 9 series terminals Press2Talk were also able to offer the client enhanced channel privacy at no additional cost through the use of basic encryption thus making the system robust in preventing unwanted parties from listening in. The client has peace of mind that all shared voice messages over the network remain private and out of the public domain.

“Having the right equipment is crucial to the service we provide. The radio system Press2Talk have designed is right for us and our needs. It delivers on everything that we asked for and really importantly it’s simple to use.”

David Marden, Trustee, 4×4 Assist 

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