Caltta digital radio DH500U

The Caltta DH500U is a mid-sized digital and analogue switch on and use radio.

Rugged IP67 water-resistant walkie talkie radio offers a long battery life with its standard 2500mAh battery. The radio as standard has an emergency orange duress button and lone worker safety features which are only normally found on higher-tier radios from some other manufacturers

Louder audio means fewer missed messages in noisy environments.

Orange duress button for staff safe operation and lone worker man down is supported too.

The supplied battery pack powers the radio for up to 20 hours in digital operation which exceeds most working shifts.

Available in UHF Charger sold separately

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Supports DMR Tier2
Provides high-quality voice service. It responds to the call of professional users anywhere and anytime.

Support 2 Slots in DMO and Roaming
DH500 can support 2 slots in DMO that double the Capacity of communication. And it also supports roaming in IP repeater networks.

Loud and Clear Sound
With a carefully optimized audio design, combined excellent audio encoder, it provides loud and clear sound.

Large Capacity Battery
With a 2500mAh battery and optimized power consumption of DMR, battery life is long enough for professional communication.

Excellent Man-Machine Interface Design
Based on professional user habits, simple MMI is developed, which helps the professional users to operate the radio more comfortably.

Abundant Configuration
DH500 supports an emergency duress button and lone worker.

Higher Safety
The DMR standard provides higher safety and reliability for voice and data than the conventional analogue standard.

Reliable Quality
Meets IP67 standard, and is suitable for outdoor work. Shock, vibration, solar radiation and other indexes meet Mil-STD-810 G. It qualifies for all kinds of severe working environments.

Tech Specs

Digital Protocol ETSI TS 102 361-1,-2,-3
Frequency UHF1: 400-470MHz
Channel Capacity 32
Zone Capacity 2
Channel Spacing 12.5kHz/20KHz/25KHz
Frequency Stability ±0.5ppm
Operating Voltage 7.4V
Battery Capacity 2500mAh
Battery Life(5:5:90) Analogue: 16 hours
Digital: 20 hours
Size (H×W×D) 116.4×54.5×36.5mm (Without Antenna)
Weight About 275g (With Antenna and Battery)
Vocoder AMBE++
Emergency button Standard
Lone Worker Standard
Recording Optional feature license
Encryption Basic Standard – Advanced Encryption (feature license key)