Press2Talk Kevlar Two-wire Quick Disconnect Acoustic Tube Earpeice

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Quality without compromise

Introducing the Press2Talk Two-Wire Covert Earpiece – an accessory that has garnered love and loyalty from countless users and evolved to perfection over time. By consistently incorporating user feedback, we ensure our product remains a premium, reliable, and well-designed communication tool.

What Sets Us Apart:

High-Grade Components

Unlike cheap imitations, our earpiece uses only the finest materials. The leads are reinforced with Kevlar® for exceptional durability, ensuring they withstand the toughest conditions your shift may present.

Comfortable Acoustic Ear Tube

The quick-disconnect ear tube is crafted from high-grade silicone, prioritizing user comfort during extended wear.

Tactile PTT Button

Our Push-To-Talk (PTT) button is designed for ease of use, even with frisk gloves, thanks to its tactile feel and optimal size.

Advanced Microphone Transducer

At the core of our voice pick-up system is an advanced microphone transducer. This feature effectively minimises unwanted background noise, ensuring that receiving users hear you clearly (within radio coverage range).

Innovative Modular Design

Our modular approach allows for quick and easy component replacement. Using our quick-disconnect system, the acoustic tube can be swapped out in seconds. Additionally, both the receiving transducer and the C-clip are replaceable, offering unparalleled convenience and adaptability.


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Premium Two-Wire Acoustic Audio Accessory for Two-Way Radios

Introducing the Press2Talk Premium Two-Wire Acoustic Audio Accessory – the ultimate communication solution for professionals seeking superior audio quality and reliability. Designed for seamless integration with two-way radios, this accessory ensures crystal-clear sound, durability, and comfort, making it essential for efficient and effective communication in any environment.

Key Features:

Exceptional Audio Clarity:

    • Utilising advanced acoustic technology, our two-wire earpiece delivers unmatched sound clarity. Whether in a noisy industrial setting or a quiet office, you’ll experience clear audio for both transmitting and receiving.

Durable Construction with Kevlar® Reinforcement:

    • The leads are reinforced with Kevlar®, ensuring longevity and reliable performance even in the most demanding conditions. This durable construction makes our accessory a top choice for professionals who need dependable equipment.

Comfortable and Discreet Design:

    • The lightweight, ergonomic design includes soft, high-grade silicone ear tips for extended comfort. The discreet two-wire configuration keeps the accessory low-profile, ideal for professional environments where discretion is key.

Noise Reduction Technology:

    • Integrated noise reduction technology minimises background noise, allowing for clear communication even in loud settings. This feature is crucial for security, law enforcement, and event management professionals.

Universal Compatibility:

    • Designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of two-way radios, our accessory is versatile and easy to integrate into your existing communication setup.

Easy-to-Use Push-to-Talk (PTT) Button:

    • The conveniently placed, tactile PTT button allows for quick and effortless communication, enhancing operational efficiency and user convenience. It is large enough to use even with frisk gloves.

Modular and Replaceable Components:

    • Featuring a modular design, the accessory allows for quick replacement of the acoustic tube, receiving transducer, and C-clip, ensuring adaptability and ease of maintenance.


  • Security and Law Enforcement: Ensure clear and reliable communication in critical situations with our premium two-wire earpiece.
  • Event Management: Coordinate seamlessly with your team during events and operations using our high-quality audio accessory.
  • Hospitality: Maintain discreet and efficient communication in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality settings.
  • Retail: Enhance in-store communication for better customer service and inventory management.
  • Construction and Industrial: Communicate effectively in noisy environments with our durable and robust equipment.

Why Choose the Press2Talk Premium Two-Wire Acoustic Audio Accessory?

  • Reliability: Trust in a product designed for professionals who cannot compromise on communication.
  • Performance: Benefit from superior sound quality and noise reduction features.
  • Comfort: Enjoy a product that is as comfortable as it is functional, perfect for long shifts.

Invest in the best with the Press2Talk Premium Two-Wire Acoustic Audio Accessory for Two-Way Radios and experience the difference in your communication efficiency and clarity.

Order yours today and elevate your professional communication to the next level!

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