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VoCoVo Link – Wireless Communication Headset System for Small Teams

VoCoVo Link is a user-friendly, wireless headset system designed for up to 8 people. Specifically tailored for customer-facing teams in retail, hospitality, warehouses, and restaurants, VoCoVo Link keeps team members connected with sleek and lightweight communication headsets.

By maintaining constant connectivity, VoCoVo Link enhances productivity for small teams. The wireless Push-to-Talk Headsets have an approximate range of up to 100 metres, allowing team members to share vital information and stay in touch no matter where they are on the premises.


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VoCoVo is a leading brand in team communication, renowned globally for helping customer-facing teams achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency and impress customers with exceptional service.

VoCoVo’s latest solution, VoCoVo Link, is specifically designed for small teams in retail environments. VoCoVo Link is ready to use straight out of the box as a 4-user system and only requires mains power. Additionally, two 4-user systems can be connected to accommodate up to 8 users.

VoCoVo Link ensures every team member stays connected with lightweight, comfortable VoCoVo Headsets. Thanks to full-duplex technology and environmental noise-cancelling features tailored for retail, conversations remain effortless and natural, delivering instant, crystal-clear voice communication.

When starting their shift, team members simply take a Headset from the Dock, adjust it for comfort, and press the round button to communicate with the entire team on a secure voice conference. This allows everyone to collaborate as if they were standing next to each other, regardless of whether they are working indoors, outdoors, on the shop floor, or in the back room.

Team members return their Headsets to the Dock at the end of the day, ensuring they are charged and ready for the next shift.

  • Lightweight and comfortable headsets suitable for all users, regardless of head size and shape, hairstyle, eyewear, or headwear
  • Ready to use within just 10 minutes of setup
  • Full-duplex technology enables two-way conversations between all headsets
  • 40 hours of standby battery life per headset
  • Talk-lock feature allows hands-free communication

Tech Specs

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